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Getting started with skills

Three practical tips on implementing a skill-based approach

Everyone is talking about skills. But what does it mean?

Fewer than one in five companies have started the journey to becoming a skill-based organisation. Even as business and HR leaders recognise the strategic importance of skills, many leaders just don’t know where to start when faced with information overload, overwhelmed with the complexity of the work ahead. 

TechWolf’s latest guide aims to help you cut through the noise and the buzzwords with just three practical tips to help you get started on your journey to becoming a skill-based organisation. 

Download our guide today to discover:

  • Why go skill-based?
  • The obstacles to becoming an SBO
  • Top tips to get you started on your SBO journey
    • Ownership of skills
    • Setting your goals
    • Technology as an enabler for skills

Download your guide: