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Skill-based guides

Make navigating a skill-based approach simpler with our straightforward, practical guides.

Skill-based guides by TechWolf

The rapid evolution of the job market demands a fresh approach to talent management. The Josh Bersin Company's latest report, featuring TechWolf, reveals how to pivot successfully.

Your guide to: getting started with skills

Our latest guide aims to help you cut through the noise and the buzzwords with just three practical tips to help you get started on your journey to becoming a skill-based organisation. 

Guide: Building the foundations for your skill-based organisation

Based on our work with some of the world’s leading enterprises, we’ve come to learn what makes organisations succeed in becoming skill-based. The foundation of this is the skill framework.

Guide: Building a resilient skill ecosystem

Skills have always been a significant part of what it is to be human. How skills are managed has evolved from a handful of basic skills traded within small communities to a complex, interconnected global marketplace. This is where AI and technology come in.