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TechWolf <> Workday

Enhance skills management inside Workday with AI-inferred skills data from your HR and business systems. 

TechWolf leverages information already available within your systems, like projects worked on and training taken by employees, using AI to detect new skills picked up and demonstrated. Newly inferred skills are sent to employees for validation in the flow of work, allowing them to benefit from the power of AI while keeping full ownership over their Workday skills profile.

Through the TechWolf <> Workday integration: 

  • Skills profiles are kept in great shape with less effort.
  • Establish a robust skills data infrastructure supported by a comprehensive employee skills inventory, applicable across various skills data contexts.
  • Systems can be integrated flexibly with both common and proprietary data sources.

Explore how TechWolf enhances skills management within Workday.

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How TechWolf works with Workday SKills Cloud:

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Case Study: How TechWolf is Enriching Workday Skills Cloud

TechWolf is powering the skills initiative of a global pharma company headquartered in the UK. TechWolf is inferring skills data from systems where employees work daily, such as Jira and the company's publication tracker. TechWolf continuously enriches the organisation’s Workday Skills Cloud profiles with up-to-date skills data.

Employees are empowered to take ownership of their skills profiles and engage with them by self-validating the inferred skills through a Microsoft Teams bot prompt as part of their everyday workflow.

This also enables the business to have more trust that skills data within the Workday Skills Cloud profiles is complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

The partnership has today enabled skills data to be better surfaced to the teams who need it for strategic decision-making. It has also empowered employees to map out and take control of their careers by identifying opportunities to reskill, upskill or move within an organisation.

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